About Sandra Reff

My life as a photo artist...

I have been an avid photographer for many years. First using point and shoot cameras, then graduating to 35 mm and finally digital photography. My interest in the arts began in grade school when I took after school art lessons and went to art shows with my family.

As I began to travel around the country, I decided to document my trips with pictures. At first I bought postcards, then decided to take my own pictures to personalize the experience. North America is so vast and diverse I will probably never run out of places to photograph.

Besides nature scenes, I also enjoy experimenting with lights and objects to produce colorful abstract designs. In my Brilliance Collection, I imaged large columns of neon lights to push the creative envelope.

During my trip to Alaska, I cruised up the coast and photographed the majestic mountains outside of Skagway, the humpback whales in Auk Bay, a gold rush camp, Tracy Arms Fjord, and Mendenhall glacier that you see in my Alaska Collection. When the ship docked at Vancouver, I took the bus to the internationally famous Butchart Gardens, with over 50 acres of terraced landscapes, fountains, and Japanese gardens. You can see many of the plants in my Florals Collection and Flowers and Plants, Creative Designs Collection.

Arizona has spectacular scenery with the red mountains and rock formations found in Sedona and the Painted Desert, and the unique formations of the Grand Canyon. Click here to seemy Sedona Collection. Click here to see the Grand Canyon Collection. The Phoenix Botanical Gardens has one of the largest collections of cacti in the Southwest. Spring is a great time to visit the Gardens when many plants are in bloom with white, pink, red, yellow and purple flowers. Click here to see my Cactus Gardens Collection.

I love the lush tropical landscapes found In the Caribbean. The islands are multicultural and the architecture has a European influence, some still under the governance of the French, Dutch and other countries. Click here to see my Caribbean Collection.

Grand Teton National Park is smaller in size than other parks, but offers spectacular views. Reflections of the mountains on Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake are great at sunrise. If you climb the steep trail Jenny Lake you can see Hidden Falls which are waterfalls surrounded by tall fir trees. In the Fall, the landscape is surrounded by yellow Aspens and grass, perfect for picture taking. At Mormon Row, you can see houses and barns built in the 1900s by early settlers. Click here to see my Grand Teton Collection.

Yellowstone National Park has the majority of the world’s geysers and thousands of other geothermal features including mudpots, hot springs, and fumaroles. It is home to grizzly bears, herds of bison, elk, coyotes, and wolves. Click here to see my Wildlife Collection. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone features a spectacular 400 foot waterfall surrounded by a steep yellow- tinged canyon that is 20 miles long and up to 4,000 feet wide. If you climb to the bottom of Uncle Tom’s Trail, a rainbow appears every few minutes at the falls. The rest of my Yellowstone Collection will be available soon.